Save Your Feet During the Holidays

Here's a quick list of ways to save your feet from the holiday blues.

1. Be aware of your feet. Do not get so caught up in the rush of the season that you forget your poor feet. Stay in tune with how they are feeling and don't over ride them.

2. Take frequent breaks. Feet were not meant to stand or walk on hard surfaces for hours at a time.

3. Wear sensible shoes. Save those stylish shoes for times when you are not doing combat at the malls.

4. Interrupt stress and do it frequently. Try a reflexology session or a massage. A nice session allows your body to relax helps your feet relax as well.

5. Stretch prior to events like shopping or cooking or standing at parties. You don't have to be doing a marathon in order to get the benefit of stretching.

6. Use a trick that waitresses use. Lie on the floor and prop your feet up on a chair or coach. It helps reverse the flow of all that blood that has accumulated in your feet after a long time of standing and/or walking.

7. Break up the pattern of stress by rocking side to side. Stand with your feet about shoulder width wide. Bend your knees and rock side to side across your feet.

8. Just rub them. Really rub them to keep the circulation going. You don't have to be a professional reflexologist to get results. (But hiring one isn't a bad investment.)

9. Buy your feet a treat. A simple foot roller can do wonders and isn't costly.

10. Recruit your family. Even amateur foot-workers can make you feel better.

But above all enjoy your holidays.

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